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Tony Moran

The Last Ride presents "Tony Moran" the real Micheal Myers.

Come out and see if you can survive an evening in Haddonfield. We will take you to the front door of the Myer's house and you will see if Micheal made it home. Don't miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Tony Moran the real Micheal Myer's right here in Central New York. The Last Ride is the only haunt that brings your real fears to life.

He will be at The Last Ride Friday September 26th and Saturday September 27th
, he will also be signing autographs. We will have tickets for Friday and Saturday so please make sure you purchase tickets for the appropriate day! TICKETS GOING ON SALE SOON!!. There will be a limited amount of tickets being sold so Please dont miss out!

Special Event Tickets Available Here!
*All ticket sales are final, no refunds*

All Of Your Movie Friends Will Be There

Thinkin of haveing a spooky Halloween night out with the family?

Join us and our ghostly friends for a night you wont soon forget. Venture on the Haunted Hayride and Brave the Haunted House for the scare of your life.

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