We will be open for the 2020 Season, October 2nd - October 31st!

* MASKS: Must be worn at ALL TIMES when on property. NO EXCEPTIONS!

* All party's MUST stay in there own groups and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING. We recommend guests come in GROUPS.
(Example: friends, family and people you are around everyday)
GROUPS: 8 to 12 are preferred. Smaller groups will be accommodated but may experience longer wait times.

* When you arrive on the property you may be asked by Covid officers to stay in your vehicles. This is due to long lines. As soon as those lines go down they will let you in.

* You can purchase tickets on property. NO need for reservations.

* There will be NO LOITERING on property. When done with riding the rides, you must exit the property and please be kind to the people waiting to ride too.

* Additional rules if any will be posted at each ride.
HEARSE RIDE: Groups of 4 to 7 people only. We will have a limited amount of tickets for this ride. First come first served. MASKS ON AT ALL TIMES.

HAUNTED HOUSE: Groups of 7 people only at a time. Stay in your groups. No stopping at the scenes. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. MASKS ON AT ALL TIMES.

The Last Ride decided to open this year to give people some kind of normalcy and fun for the Halloween season. We take Covid-19 State Mandates very serious. We ask that everyone understands that this year will be different because of Covid-19, such as LONGER WAIT TIMES. But, if we all follow the rules we will be safe and have some fun. Hope to see you all this year!

All Of Your Movie Friends Will Be There

Thinking of having a spooky Halloween night out with the family?

Join us and our ghostly friends for a night you wont soon forget. Venture on the Haunted Hayride and Brave the Haunted House for the scare of your life.

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