Welcome back for the 2022 Season!
September 23rd - October 29th!

Welcome back to The Last Ride! We hope you're prepared for the scares we are bringing to you this Halloween season. We will post all Covid-19 State Mandate updates as they arrive to keep you up to date. Can not wait to scare you all this year!

The Shining


Are you ready for all the scares!? Be ready for the new surprises we have prepared just for you!

Haunted Hayride: Brave the winding path through the cursed woods and see what awaits you in the blackout.

Haunted House: Do you dare travel the unseen twists and turns of its 2000 square feet of hell. Kids beware, Pennywise has been seen wandering the property as of late!

Hearse Ride: Beware! Ride in its open casket seats as we take you out into the woods for a ride you'll never forget. Well that is if you even come back!

Each price is per person:

$15.00 for the Haunted Hayride.
$15.00 for the Haunted House.
$25.00 for a combo ticket that includes the Haunted House and Hayride.
$15.00 for the Hearse Ride.
$25.00 for a combo ticket that includes the Haunted House and Hearse Ride.

Micheal Myers

The Goods


Nachos w/ Cheese
Pretzels w/ Cheese


Hot Cocoa
Mt. Dew
Diet Pepsi



Jason Vorhees

We will be open and scaring you every weekend in October.

The fun starts Friday from 7pm to 12am.
It all continues Saturday from 7pm to 12am.
Its not too late Sundays hours are 7pm to 10pm.

Freddy Kruger